Myanmar Mya Ze Di Natural - 12oz WHOLE BEAN

This flagship coffee from Myanmar is an exceptional coffee from and incredible emerging origin. 

Mya Ze Di is located in a hilly region in north eastern Shan State. where mostly perennial crops are cultivated. Farmers’ main source of income comes from tea, coffee and oranges. 

Tasting Notes:

Candied grape, tamarind, sandalwood and spice. 

**A few notes about supporting coffee in Myanmar amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis: 

As you well know, many of the worlds coffee producing countries are developing nations, and face complex economic, social and humanitarian issues. We believe that supporting economic efforts among the most vulnerable demographics of these communities (i.e. coffee producers) can help make a positive impact in complicated issues. Policies and implementation of oppression typically originate and are enforced by government and military leaders, and not in agricultural sectors. We have found that withholding economic support from these countries is unlikely to lead to policy reform, and is likely to exacerbate conditions for coffee farmers (and other marginalized groups). 

What is happening to the minority ethnic groups in Myanmar is unacceptable. The government there has a long history of treating ethnic minorities very poorly. However, we don't work with governments, we support smallholder farmers. Currently, our work in Myanmar supports two ethnic minority groups in Shan State (Pa-O and Danu).

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